Thank you for your interest in lumber and dimension stock from Cummings Lumber Company. Our longstanding reputation for quality and dependability is unparalleled in the industry. Cummings Lumber produces the highest quality hardwood lumber available in the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. The company's foundation is the hardwood forest of Pennsylvania, which yields some of the best forestry products in the world. We appreciate you taking the time to review this information and look forward to the opportunity of providing you with our industry leading products.

Grade Lumber

We specialize in 4/4 lumber
- 6 ft. - 12 ft. lengths
- All domestic hardwoods
- Worldwide shipping capabilities - our truck or yours, rail car or container
- Specializing in custom built orders to customer specs

Norm Steffy
(570) 297-4771
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Bark Mulch

100% Real Bark Mulch
- Aged & double ground
- No chemicals added
- Straight from our sawmill
- Volume discounts available
- We load your truck or trailer
- Delivery available

Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00am - 4:00pm. Saturday 8:00am - Noon

Kelly Root
(570) 297-4771
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- Veneer Logs
- Saw Logs

Bryan Watkins
(570) 297-4771
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Pallet Lumber

- Standard Pallets
- Custom Pallets
- Pallet Lumber
- Cut Stock

Scott Cummings
(570) 297-4771
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Barefoot Brand Hardwood Flooring

- 3/4" Thick
- Solid Hardwood
- Unfinished
- Sel / Btr - Common - Rustic / Character
- Red Oak - White Oak - Hard Maple - Hickory - Cherry - Ash
- Available In 2.25" Through 5.00"

Thad Dibble
(570) 297-3200
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NEW! Sunfire Heating Blocks
For Woodstoves, Fireplaces and Campfires

- No Glue, Binders, Additives or Chemicals
- Made from 100% Recycled Hardwoods
- Made in the USA
- Utilizing Wind & Solar Energy
- More Heat than Most Cordwood
- Click Here for more information

Jeff Persing
(570) 297-1297
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Shipping quality hardwoods since 1929.

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